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Year 6

School is now closed for the Easter holidays and the foreseeable future.  Teachers will be available for supporting distance learning from Monday 6th April at 9.30am.
More information will be shared with you over the coming days and weeks about how we will support children and their families.​
In the meantime, over the next two weeks, children could:​
practise counting​
practise times tables​
play board games​
read for at least 30 minutes a day​
keep a diary​
take some physical exercise​
learn to put on their coat, tie shoe laces, dress themselves​
play in the garden​
help prepare food​
tidy their bedrooms​
There is now a wealth of ideas online about what parents can do with children at home and these will be of help over the coming weeks.  

Home Working Grid For 2 weeks commencing 23rd March - Ideas for Distance Learning

Homework for the Easter Holiday

For your homework for the Easter holidays (See dates below the grid), complete a selection of the activities listed below. Which piece you choose to complete first is up to you, there is no designated order. Each piece of work must relate to your chosen project within our topic of Wonders of the World. Try to share / upload any work to us using our year group twitter @year6tps, onedrive (on hwb), j2o (on hwb) or email your teacher with a file attachment. We will aim to share our work across one of our media platforms before the end of term. We hope everyone is doing well!

Mr Rhodes and Miss Simm



Produce a mood board based on your chosen project.

Create a video advertisement to persuade people to travel to a country of your choice.

Write and design a postcard from a country of your choice.

Write some sentences describing yourself in another language.

(Not Welsh or English.)

Food tasting session with different foods from around the world.

Build a structure of the Earth.

Go on a virtual tour of a zoo

Draw a diagram of the 7 continents and the countries within them.

Research a species of land or aquatic animal. How you present the information is up to you.


Design a passport with stickers of places you would like to visit.

Build a structure from lego, knex or a similar construction toy.

e.g. Pyramid of Giza, Eiffel Tower, Golden gate bridge etc.

Make your own volcano.


(This website has information and tips.)

Make a model of the water cycle.



Use recycled materials to build a model of a famous building or place.

Make a presentation on global warming.

Make a coloured map to show the climates in different areas of the world.

(Due to the current public health issues, please only undertake these activities under safe circumstances)

Welcome to Year 6! - Croeso i blwyddyn 6!

Welcome to our year 6 page. You can find out about our work and topics through our snapshots and access useful websites from here through the links below. First you need to know who the teachers are....

Mrs Bayley 6L
Mr Rhodes 6R
Mrs C Thomas (one to one TA)

Ms Green (One to one TA)

PE is on Monday and Wednesday. Children will need shorts/joggers/leggings, a T-shirt/sweatshirt and trainers.  Children with pierced ears will need to either remove them, or bring protective micropore tape to cover earings that cannot be removed.

All Year 6 children are issued with planners at the beginning of the academic year.  All homework tasks can be noted in these as well as forthcoming tests, trips and events. Homework will be given out on a Wednesday to be handed in the following Tuesday. Homework slips with the tasks on will be stuck into the children's homework books. Feel free to stick any homework over the slips once completed.

We added our termly "Snapshots" these give a brief overview of the work and topics that will be covered over the term.  Click on the word documents below to view.


Our current topic is "Our Earth".

We will be researching the current environmental issues surrounding our planet and what can be done to combat their effect.

Renewable energy sources are a big focus and we will be investigating how much energy they produce and their advantages and disadvantages. 

Learners will be given a say in the areas of these topics we explore so we would definitely encourage extra research outside of classroom time.



  • Regular tables practise, in preparation for tables tests.
  • Words to learn for a spelling test (from Ms Parish fortnightly).


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!