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Late/Absence Procedures

Children should be in school on time at 8:55am. The gates are open for five minutes before and five minute after this to help you get your child in on time. Outside of these times please bring your child to the main entrance where you will need to sign them in. It is really important that you try to get your child into school on time to ensure they don't miss out on their learning and to minimise disruption to the rest of the class.


If your child is too unwell to come to school, please call the school and leave a message on our answerphone. We will contact any families where the child is not in school and we have not heard why. Children who have mild illnesses such as a mild cough or cold can still come to school. We are able to administer medicine in school if you complete the form on our website.


Please make every attempt to make any appointment for your child outside of school hours. Where this is unavoidable we will ask to see evidence of the appointment such as an email, appointment letter or text so that we can authorise the appointment. 


Please do not take holidays in term time.