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Who's Who

The staffing for 2016/17 is as follows:


Class Teacher LSA
PPA Mrs Shepperd
Miss Berry
Mrs Parish
Nursery Miss Pike Miss Darch
Mrs Evans
Mrs Wilson
Reception L Mrs Dennes
Miss Lawrence
Mrs Mitchell
Mrs Jenkin
Mrs O'Sullivan  
Reception R Mrs Williams
Year 1L Mrs Bayley Mrs Jacobsen
Mrs Baker
Year 1R Mrs Flowers
Year 2L Mr Doyle Mrs Brown
Mrs Hunt
Year 2R Miss James
Year 3L Ms Moses Mrs Griffiths
Mrs R Harris
Year 3R Mrs Roberts
Year 4L Mr Mitha

Mrs Dooley

Miss Green

Year 4R Mrs Smith/Mrs Holcombe
Year 5L Miss Jenks Mrs Bryant
Year 5R Mr Rhodes
Year 6L Miss Jones Mrs Thomas
Year 6R Mr Davies


Headteacher Mr Tucker
Deputy Miss Berry
SENCO Mrs Roberts and Mrs Flowers
SEN LSA Mrs Parish        Ms Lunn  
Mrs Salmoni        Mrs Collins 


Mrs Charles
Mrs Carey

Caretaker Mr Stokes
Cleaners Mrs J Henry (Charge hand)
Miss S Henry
Miss L Harvey
Mrs P Young
MDS     Mrs Rayer               Mrs Callard   
Mrs Robledo           Mrs Darch
  Mrs Crocker            Miss James
 Mrs Provini              Mrs Ventris
Mrs Reeves             Mrs Owen
Mrs Morgan              Mrs Lewis
Kitchen staff Mrs Wagstaff (Head cook)
Mrs Wozencroft       Mrs P Young