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School Values

Thornhill Vision Statement - (Prospectus)


We are committed to developing the whole child. Our aim is to offer opportunities for children to have a wide range of experiences and to be able to find out what they are good at and where their interests lie. How can you know what you like or what you are good at if you’ve never tried it? Every child is treated as an individual and is targeted as an individual. This ensures that every child is able to fulfil their potential and achieve their own level of academic excellence.


We believe children learn best when they feel happy, secure, confident and valued, irrespective of their ability or disability, social background, culture or gender. We believe children learn best when their surroundings are stimulating and interesting with access to a full range of varied and appropriate resources and given the opportunity to reflect and talk about their learning.


We believe children learn best when work is differentiated, matching individual needs and providing appropriate challenge. We believe children learn best when there are clear expectations, knowing that they are making progress and knowing that their achievements are recognised and celebrated.


We believe that children learn best when they have opportunities to work collaboratively as well as independently with further opportunities for practical, relevant exploration of ideas that are relevant to their lives in the wider community.


School Mission Statement (Motto) –


‘Being our Best’