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Extra Curricular clubs running w/b 08.02.21

We are happy to announce our online extra curricular clubs are back! Please see the document below for more information.

We are delighted to announce that we are now in the position to resume some of our extra curricular clubs.

Although many of our clubs will have to be run remotely and accessed online at home we are also in the position to begin to offer some clubs to specific year groups at school.

During Autumn 2 we will be providing, rugby skills, art and film club on line and running Conservation club for Y5  and Drama club for Y6 at school.

Our intention is to alternate clubs throughout the year to enable all of learners to experience a range of different activities.

You will find more information about these clubs in our weekly newsletter and through year group specific emails.


After School Clubs during school closure


We have recognised as a school that not only is it important that we ensure the children all have access to learning during the school closures but we need to create opportunities for our community to interact with each other and have some fun.


I have added a timetable below for our extra curricular clubs that will be running from Monday 6th April.

Each club will run in a slightly different way








9.30    PE with Mrs Salmoni



Story time with Mrs Parish



Dance with Miss Barnes

Yoga with Mrs Lunn Film club with Mrs Pyke Mr Rhodes Lego Challenge Football Club with Mr Tucker and Llanishen High

Bake with Mrs Bayley and Mrs Collins (Fortnightly)


Art with Mrs Hunt Miss Berry's Magazine Club  Minecraft Club Coding Club with Mr Davies

Wildlife Club with Mrs Flowers




PE with Mrs Salmoni - 

Mrs Salmoni is missing her weekly PE sessions with the children and so will be delivering a variety of daily activities to keep the children active.

Think PE with Joe Wicks, only it’s Mrs Salmoni at home with the mini Salmoni’s!

The sessions will vary from simple games you can play at home on your own or with other family members. No special equipment will be needed.

The main aim of the sessions is to provide the children with an opportunity to keep fit and active during their time at home.

Videos and links will be uploaded to the school YouTube channel each weekday by 9am for you to follow and join in with. The links to each video will be shared on Twitter too.

We would love for you all to share your photos and videos with us on Twitter @ThornhillPS #TPSPEathome #TPShomelearning

If there are any sports, activities or skills that you would like to improve, please email me on and I’ll do my very best to give some suggestions.


Storytime with Mrs Parish - 

Join Mrs Parish at 3.30 for a daily story as she reads from a selection of our favourite picture books,

Videos and links will be uploaded to the school YouTube channel each weekday by 3.30pm for you to listen. The links to each video will be shared on Twitter too.


Dance Club -

A 15 minute dance session where you can learn a mix of Latin dances e.g Cha Cha Cha, samba and jive along with some funky commercial street dancing to keep you entertained and active.
You’ll be on strictly come dancing in no time! Keep an eye on Twitter for a link to the video. #TPSdanceclub #TPShomelearning.  Please contact Miss Barnes to confirm you will be taking part on


Growth Mindset Club - Do you want to challenge yourself?  This club will help you to try out new things. It will be an opportunity to think differently by practising so that when you are faced with a challenge you will be more determined to succeed - you will learn to overcome knockbacks, try again and bounce back.  Mrs Bayley will help you to 'Be your best!'  Please contact Mrs Bayley to confirm you will be taking part on  This club will start week beginning 13th April.


Wildlife Club - In Wildlife Explorers Club, we discover a range of different endangered animals and find out why they are endangered. We learn facts about the animal of the week, explore the dangers they face and complete a craft activity based on our chosen animal too. The children are able to vote for which animals they would like to learn about. We use resources from the WWF to help our research.


Virtual choir - tbc


Art -

Do you like drawing? Do you enjoy colouring? Do you love creating?

Then try… Art Club on a Tuesday at 4pm.

Art Club is for everyone and for all ages.

A range of art and craft activities will be made available on Twitter every week.

· YouTube video tutorials

· Printable step by step guides

· Links to exciting websites and videos

All activities will need very few resources, to make it easier for everyone to get involved while at home.

We would love for you all to share your art and craft with us on Twitter … @ThornhillPS #TPSartclub #TPShomelearning

If you have any ideas for activities you would like to try please email.  Please contact Mrs Hunt to confirm you will be taking part on


Film Club -

Every Wednesday I will suggest 3 films that can be viewed in the following week. At least 1 will be on Freeview. I will give a brief summary of the films along with details of where to find them.

I will ask children/adults to either write or video a review and either email it to me or put on Twitter with the hashtags #TPSfilmclub #TPShomelearning  Every week I will choose a reviewer of the week which will be announced on the follow week’s video and on Twitter. Where appropriate I may suggest other weekly tasks to go with the films eg. Make a poster for the film, make a trailer using IMOVIE, write about your favourite character etc.  I will post a separate video with tips on how to write a review.  Please contact Mrs Pyke to confirm you will be taking part on


Magazine Club 

Are you a budding reporter?  Do you want to become a journalist or do you just enjoy writing?  Join Miss Berry on a Wednesday evening at 4pm to plan our new school magazine which we can send out to our families to keep everyone informed about our new virtual school life.  We need people to write articles on anything that interests them - nature, sport, music, school work, stories about staying at home, book reviews, jokes, top tips for staying healthy, recipes, craft ideas, video gaming tips.  It is up to you!   All welcome! Looking forward to you joining me! You can tweet your ideas to #TPSHomelearning and #TPSSchoolMag Please contact Miss Berry to confirm you will be taking part on


Lego Challenge -

Time to go break out the bricks and get creative. Join Mr Rhodes and take on a weekly build or design project.. Mr Rhodes will upload a video of the week's challenge to the School Youtube channel and share it on Twitter and the school webpage. Maybe you'd like to share your work with us? #TPSlego #TPShomelearning.  Please contact Mr Rhodes to confirm you will be taking part on


Card Games -

At 4.00 on a Thursday Mrs Brown will Tweet a link to the school youTube channel where there will be a clip of her teaching you a new card game to play together. You can post clips of yourself playing the game on Twitter with the hashtag #TPScardgames #TPShomelearning.  Please contact Mrs Brown to confirm you will be taking part on


Family Games -

At 4.00 on a Friday Mr Tucker will Tweet a link to the school youTube channel where there will be a clip of him explaining a new game to play together.  All of these games will be for groups of players, either in your house or using the internet (zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime or Microsoft Teams) to play with friends or family in other houses. You can post clips of yourself playing the game on Twitter with the hashtag #TPSgamesclub #TPShomelearning.  Please contact Mr Tucker to confirm you will be taking part on


Coding Club - In coding club you will learn the skills to make simple video games using the app called Scratch.  Games can make include Crossy Road, Maze games as well as an underwater adventure games.  All you need is an ipad or PC.  Scratch can be download onto a PC for free or played online through your hwb account, there's also an app for your ipad. Once you have learnt the basic skills you'll be able to create hundreds of fun games.  The only thing holding you back will be your imagination. Have go and get coding!


Magazine Club - Edition 1 29th April 2020