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Further Extra Curricular Information

These extra curricular clubs are subject to cancellation depending upon weather conditions, staff availability and other unforeseen circumstances. The school will endeavour to give as much notice of cancellation as is reasonably possible.

o The length of time that the activities are on offer will often be greatly influenced by weather conditions and time of year.

o Parental permission will always be necessary for children to attend after school clubs and part of the agreement is that children are collected promptly at the end of each club session. (All clubs begin at 3.30 pm and finish either at 4.15pm or 4.30pm depending on the club)

o Pupils who behave inappropriately may be excluded from the club – at the discretion of the club organiser.

o Children who do not attend regularly without giving a valid reason will be asked to leave. If too many children subscribe to any one club, places may need to be allocated on a rotational basis.

o The school subscribes to the University Credit Scheme.

o Strictly speaking, Orchestra Practice is not a club as it is offered to children from Years 3 – 6 who are sufficiently proficient in playing a musical instrument.

o Likewise, Sherman Dance is offered to selected children following auditions (during autumn / spring terms leading up to the Annual Cardiff Dance Festival).

All clubs offered are free of charge and in the past have included rugby, football, cricket, lacrosse, hockey, netball, computer, art, DT, board games, dance, drama, eco-club, cookery and maths as well as a variety of Welsh Assembly sponsored clubs for golf, table tennis, basketball and aerobics.

However, the clubs on offer each year and each term vary according to the individual expertise of the current volunteers leading the clubs.